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 Devils Head is part of the Pike National Forest Rampart Range




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Clearly visible from Denver and sitting at the apex of the Rampart Range, the Devil's Head area is an extraordinary climbing destination. Historically the area has been used by hikers working their way up to the fire overlook for the amazing views and by ATV enthusiasts riding the maze of trails, but times have changed. Approximately 400 high quality climbing routes have been developed on high quality featured granite and are featured in Rampart Range Rocks, THE guide for climbing at Devils Head.

The rock of Devils Head is geologically different from surrounding areas, enabling face climbing on highly featured stone. The finer grained intrusions of textured granite bear a strong resemblance to City of Rocks, Idaho and comprise over 50% of the rock at Devils Head. The mountain is covered with crags, spires, walls, and corridors, with over 50 different areas.

The climbing lies at elevations ranging from 8,000' to 9,700'. The elevation and the diverse orientation of the crags means good conditions can be found in spring, summer, and fall. Many of the crags have outstanding views up to 100 miles, with Pikes Peak the centerpiece of the south facing areas.

Development of new routes started over 20 years ago spearheaded by the relentless energy of Tod Anderson, author of the guidebook. The main climbing areas are spread out along the southern aspect of the mountain in four major locations: East Valley, West Valley, Lower West Side, and Radio Head. Some hiking is involved as the crags are dispersed across the entire mountain. Good trails with signs at critical junctions are in place.

Crags from 40' to 400', offering both single and multi-pitch climbing will be found. Vertical to near vertical climbing on edges, patina plates and chicken heads from 5.6 to 5.13 will have you smiling and planning your return trip before the end of the day!

Please note: ALL PROFITS from the sale of Rampart Range Rocks goes directly back to the Devils Head climbing community in the form of new routes and the upkeep of existing routes. While other guidebooks may present the same information, they cannot make the same statement.

Rampart Range Rocks. The climbing guide for Devils Head Colorado
Get the electronic guidebook at or buy Rampart Range Rocks at your local mountaineering store or online at Bent Gate Mountaineering and Chessler Books and directly support climbing at Devils Head.